School Map

Our Mission: To provide opportunity for the Sundale Community and Families, through education, mentoring, sports and other activities, that build moral integrity, academic excellence and the development of self-worth.

The Foundation was started over 10 years ago by staff and parents wanting to attract young families to the school district.

There was a need for a Day Care and Preschool in the area to support the Community and young new teachers who were starting their careers with Sundale.

Over time we have grown from this idea, into a much larger idea of identifying the needs of the Community, it’s students and their families.  We have grown from one idea to 13 classrooms, 3 buildings on campus, 2 buildings off campus, a 14 acre sports complex, a community center in the Villa.


We are lead by a board of 7, Educators and Community members combine to identify and tackle the needs of our Community to help it be successful.


If you interested in Volunteering, we could always use your help.  Give us a call or stop by and we will show you why we have such a passion for the Community.


Thank you,

The Board